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28oz Stainless Steel Shaker Zoom

28oz Stainless Steel Shaker

SKU: BCR-1022
The best and newest way to make Blue Chair Bay Rum cocktails is with this stainless steel weighted shaker.
Shake up the “Island Girl” with a pint glass, and let the island vibes flow.
- The 28 oz. Cocktail Shaker is traditionally used with a mixing or beverage glass, however it can also be used in conjunction with a 16 oz. cocktail shaker, an 18 oz. cocktail shaker, or a Mako shaker to mix cocktails.
- This version of our 28 oz. cocktail shaker is known as a weighted shaker due to the fact that it uniquely features a reinforced bottom that ultimately increases the overall weight of the shaker, in turn making it more stable.

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